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Purpose of the America China Hotel Association Corp.

The America China Hotel Association Corp. aims to strengthen the unity of Chinese hotel proprietors in the Greater New York area and across the United States. The Association provides a platform for our members to share their hotel investment and operation experiences. We try our utmost to help our members to maximize ROI ( Return on Investment), GOP (Gross Operating Profits), and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortization. Given the growing number of U.S -bound Chinese tourists, the Association works closely with China’s travel agencies and the China OTA to have increased visibility and leads for our hotel owners. The Association is also setting up a training program for Asian immigrants pursuing a career in hospitality. The Annual real estate appeal program is a joint venture with our designated law firm. The total fees amount to only 10% of the amount that we save for our developers, with an 8% legal fee and 2% is the Hotel Association Processing Fee fee. Last year, this program helped our members save many million. The Hotel Association is also working with C L Insurance Agency to create a Special Hotel Insurance Program to reduce hotel insurance costs. Remodeling and renovation costs depend primarily on the acquisition of construction materials, and FF & E. The Hotel Association is also working with major suppliers, both domestically and from overseas, to offer special wholesale programs to our members.


  • 商会与中国东方航空有限公司及中国南方航空集团有限公司合作,为会员提供机票优惠,价格优于旅行社。
    •    东航请联络Kenny Ko:(646)-878-8510
    •    南航请联络Mandy: (212)-796-2838
  • 商会与曼哈顿著名律师楼合作,每年帮忙酒店与商业大楼向纽约市政府申请减低地产税。大部分律师会收取成功减低税款额之20%-30%手续费,本会合作律师只收10%,会员可以节省不少费用。
  • 商会与中华保险公司合作,为会员优先提供商业保险。
    • 详情请洽陈先生:(212)-608-0885


98 Mott Street, Rm 328, New York, NY 10013




maggielyc97@gmail.com (Secretary)